The Luxe Affair is an expression of all things that I am passionate about – food, cooking, travel, health + wellness, style and elevating an experience that to some just seems mundane.  


The site was born out of my desire to get my creative juices flowing, but I also now want it to document the random adventures - basking in some exotic island, getting lost in Positano, concocting my own lavender spray, setting a beautiful tablescape, discovering a new restaurant in Singapore or making fresh Chinese dumplings from scratch - that fire me up, hoping that they can also inspire others.


Having just moved to Europe, I also take this opportunity to open up myself to new discoveries and experiences. And also indulge in and learn to cook new dishes from those who know best – the locals.


Through these escapades, I hope to show that an open mind, a curious spirit, keeping an eye for the unexpected and unusual, and thoughtful executions are all it takes to make the ordinary a luxe affair.

about andrea

Andrea is always fascinated by all things beautiful. And this same fascination is what inspires her to travel the world, experience different cultures and savor new flavors. She has lived in The Philippines and Singapore and worked to help drive BMW, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Perfetti Van Melle and Kraft Foods to new heights in the Asia Pacific. Currently, she is based in Germany - making a mess in the kitchen, learning a new language, mastering the art of home-making or randomly escaping to Toscana for some

fresh Tartufo when she is not working on freelance marketing projects.











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