eat of the day:

A trip to Toscana is never complete without having THE Bistecca Fiorentina.

And we usually go to Firenze for a feast.

There is a hole in the wall where E's dad used to bring him when he was a kid.

And it is just beautiful to continue this tradition even 3...

eat of the day:

Popo is what the Singaporeans call their grandmothers (in Mandarin).
So one can already expect what PÒ serves - classic dishes that these Popo's lovingly prepare for their families all these years.

When I visited my second home last May, I was craving for...

eat of the day:

There is something special with how the Italians celebrate their food.

While a lot treat it as just mere fuel to get through the day, it is the total opposite in Italy.

That is why even the simplest meal will have the freshest and best possible ingredients...

eat of the day:

Before traveling, I always make sure to research on where to eat. And check for "local secrets".

Because the last thing I want is to be stuck in a tourist trap.

Ambelonas in Corfu was one of those "gems" I found online that right away captured my eye.


eat of the day:

When I lived in Singapore for almost seven years, it was like being in Disneyland. Of food.

The choices are just overwhelming - from inexpensive food hawkers to the fanciest possible dining experience.

For me, nothing compares to the little red dot when i...

eat of the day:

It was love at first bite for me.

Sardegna is in abundance of agriturismi tucked away in lalaland. And Saltara was just that.

We drove for half an hour from our holiday home in Santa Teresa into the middle of nowhere (at least for me!). But E was pretty h...

eat of the day:

This got to be one of my most-favorite restaurants in Bali.

Sardine is a beautiful oasis in the middle of Seminyak.

When I entered the property, I was in for a beautiful surprise as I found myself surrounded by endless rice paddies, abundant bamboos and li...

eat of the day:

When we were planning our trip to Venezia, E already mentioned about Caffè Florian.

He said it is in the middle of the Piazza San Marco, and should be an experience I would enjoy.

And truly, I did.

The cafe is the oldest (or one of) in the world, having be...

eat of the day:

PUNOT Restaurant is a passion project that I started with my brother, Chef Tope in 2014. It is a testament that hard work pays off, passion is a game-changer, and dreams do come true.

We wanted to celebrate the modern flavors of Iloilo by infusing creati...

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