Capri was everything I imagined it to be.

Although I was only there for the day, not a lot of time I know, but it was enough for me to have a "preview" of the island.

An hour or so boat ride from the Amalfi, and part of the Campania region, it is a popular destination si...

The Costiera Amalfitana was something out of a dream.

And I had to pinch myself many times to breathe in the reality that I was finally in one of my must-do destinations.

The place inspired me, aroused my senses and just simply took my breath away.
Everything was a deli...

It has been a year since E and I took the plunge.

And I officially became Mrs. Ferri.

How to celebrate it was a no-brainer - we just wanted to travel together.

And after zoning in on Italy, we finally decided on Puglia and the Amalfi (check out the next post). 

But fiv...

There are places that capture your heart right away.

And Maldives definitely tops my list.

It has always been a must-do, being one of the most picturesque and sublime destinations.

And I daydreamed of saving it for the most special romantic trip.

But as my life is all abo...

I remember before moving in 2009, a lot of people warned me how boring Singapore could get - its size, crazy rules and limited choices were pointed out. But boredom was never part of my vocabulary while living there. 

How could one get bored when the place is buzzing a...

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