I always joke that I am actually an Italian trapped in a Filipino body because of my big love for pasta. I can eat spaghetti everyday, and I will never get tired of it.  

When I have a bad day, my dear husband will just make me a bowl of pasta and everything will be A-O...

Being married to an Italian, the pressure to cook is there.

But with how strict and particular they can be - Spaghetti versus Pappardelle? Pecorino versus Parmigiano-Reggiano? Guanciale versus Pancetta? It can drive one nuts.

So most of the time, I leave it with E to do...

Risotto is always something that intimidates me - thinking that to perfect it is an impossible feat.

But having married an Italian, I thought of using this to motivate me in finally facing my fear.

And learn the art of making Risotto.

Wild garlic (bärlauch in German) is...

My time in Singapore will always be special since it opened me up to all the great food in the region.

I remember tasting my first authentic Vietnamese Pho, and knowing then that it would be one of my favorite dishes.

But moving to Germany made it harder to get my hand...

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