• Andrea Arañador-Ferri


Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Especially in this day and age, when everything and everyone could be searched online, it has become more important to ensure that one’s personal brand is nurtured and strengthened.

But creating one could be pretty intimidating. And for most of us, the question we always ask is – how do I start? As the job market evolves and as everything else in society becomes more competitive to achieve – it is important for one to stand out whether as a potential employee or a seasoned entrepreneur. Hence, the importance of a strong personal brand.

Here are three ways to achieve that –

#1. Have a clear purpose.

A lot of us focus on “what” we do – a performer, a teacher, an entrepreneur or a company executive. But if we look at some very successful individuals, we could see that they focus on something much deeper than just their “profession” – they have a clear purpose.

We all know Oprah Winfrey. If we take a closer look at the path that Oprah treads – we would see a pattern. All these years, she has been inspiring people to be more than what they thought they could be – she has inspired others to look their best when she documented her hard work at losing weight, she has been an inspiration for women (and of color) to realize their wildest dreams every time she lands on the Forbes richest list or when she started dominating the media business, and she continues to inspire young girls in Africa to carve their own paths as her foundation funds their education and looks after their well-being.

These are not some random achievements. Instead, all these are aligned with Oprah’s purpose – to teach and inspire so others could be more than what they thought they could be. Purpose, as she once said, is the thread that connects the dots to everything that you do that leads you to an extraordinary life.

#2. Be genuine, at all times.

Though we have become a “look at my life on Instagram” generation, recently, we have also been becoming more aware of what really matters and what is true and genuine. Especially in social media, so many bravely call out what is fake.

Now more than ever, it has become more important to stay authentic.

If we look at Oprah, she has always been real and transparent – her weight battles, her humble past and her journey to becoming who she is. Her honesty has made it easier for people to relate with her which greatly influenced her success.

It is important to live a life that reflects our core and authentic self. It helps to deeply reflect on we really are – our passion, our values and our roots. And use these as the basis of the stories we share and how we articulate who we are. As we come from an honest place, everything that we put out would be easy and effortless.

#3. Gun for excellence.

Those who leave an impact are those who excel in what they do. Whether an entrepreneur, a performer, an employee, a waiter or an executive, we do not forget those who are excellent.

These days, it is common to be a multi-hyphenate but it is also important to ensure that one does not end up as a mediocre. At the end of the day, you get hired or land a project because you are the best. And with competition being so tough these days, being good enough won’t be good enough anymore.

Clock in the hours to hone your skills. Do the work. Do not do anything half-baked. Ensure that everything associated with your name is only of the best quality.

The reason why the likes of Oprah, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Jeff Bezos, Karl Lagerfeld and Beyonce always top the list of people the world looks up to is because they excel in what they do.

So, let your brand be that of excellence.

Creating a personal brand could seem daunting and intimidating. However, we must remember that as we go on with our lives – our career, our social media presence – at some point, our personal brand is already being shaped. And it would be much better if we take control of that process. Personally, I would rather intentionally create and nurture my own personal brand versus having other people do it for me.


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