The first moment I laid my eyes on the city, I could not help but utter a loud “wow”. It just took my breath away.


Venezia was exactly what I imagined it to be – picturesque and romantic.


The canals that never seem to end. The colorful buildings that show a lot of character. The bridges that display so much heritage. The gondolas that exude romance.


I was just in awe, and was too happy to finally be in one of my dream cities.


Unfortunately though, we only had six hours to discover the area. E has been there many times, so he acted as my tour guide. But his advice – while we tick off the “must-see’s”, we also must be open to just getting lost in the little alleys.


And that’s exactly what we did. 


Venezia is truly magical and picture-perfect!


Boats are the city's main mode of transportation. How cool is that!


The alley - water version.


The alley - cement version. Lol.


A gondola definitely stands out in a canal-filled with the usual boats.


The Rialto Bridge is one of the many bridges that span around the city. 


Taking in the breathtaking view of the canal + colorful buildings from the Rialto Bridge.


Venezia is also known as the City of Masks. Their annual Carnivale is definitely a must-do for me now - should be one festive and beautiful sight with all the costumes + masks!


La Piazza, Piazza San Marco, is the central square. It is packed with so much

action (read: crowd) as it has the Basilica + cafes + shops.


The Basilica has gold around mosaics and an opulent design.

Definitely worthy of its nickname Chiesa d’Oro (Church of Gold). 


Venezia living – somehow, the clothesline seems pretty against these buildings. Lol.


A glimpse of the Basillica di Santa Maria della Salute.

One of the more iconic masterpieces Venezia is known for.


Of course, like any touristy city - a mime has to be there! 


It was crowded and noisy, but he is just happily taking it all in.

Spot the people-watching nono! Lol.


My first time to see the zucchini flowers...which apparently can only be found in Italy!


A quick visit to the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal.


Perfect place to rest my uber tired legs! Lol.


The colorful buildings + canal are the perfect backdrop!


Gondolas waiting...


...for another romantic ride!


I shall be back, Venezia. Our love affair definitely deserves more than six hours! 


Grazie mille, amore mio! Definitely, the best tour guide. :))




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