While planning for Italia, E already said he would take me to Caffe Florian.


And how he described it - in the middle of Venezia (one of the most romantic cities in the world) + grand + full of history and heritage + live music....I was already impressed. 


Who wouldn't be? 

See for yourself with these photos...


I loved everything - the ambience, history, presentation, service. And of course, the coffee!


It is situated in La Piazza, Piazza San Marco, the city's central square.


The place exudes so much heritage and grandness. 

I love that their waiters stand so proud - wearing the Caffe Florian

badge of honor. Needless to say, the service was impeccable.


And with beautiful music, I had the grandest coffee experience. Unforgettable.


It is Italia's oldest cafe. Having been around since 1720.


The best coffee date. Ever. :))



Piazza San Marco, Venezia, Italy
+39 041 520 5641

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