I think the best way to experience and immerse myself in a place would be to “live like a local”.


And that means having my own flat.


So instead of checking for hotel reviews, we were busy flat-hunting (online) as soon as we decided on Lago di Como as our summer holiday destination. Of course, it could not just be any flat – as it had to fit our personality and style. Afterall, it would be our home for the week.


There are tons of websites to check. So note this important tip (as it can get overwhelming) – you first must know which area to use as your base. Now remember, Lago di Como is huge and breaks into two areas – one side where Bellagio (very touristy) is and another side with Menaggio.


We chose to stay in Tremezzo, by the side of Menaggio. I think we did well because it is the “quieter” side (not too many tourists). Oh, and it is just a 15 minute-drive from Laglio for George Clooney’s Villa. Yes, you are welcome! :)


The view from our flat.


The way to the flat is pretty narrow and passes through a cobblestone alley,

it is tricky to carry the luggage. Note to self for next trip, pack lighter! Lol.


A quick rundown...



It is in the center of Tremezzo, a little town. Everything is so convenient – restaurants, bars (there is a wine bar next door), supermarkets, ferry terminal…oh, and Villa Carlotta is just a cartwheel away!


The Flat.

It is modern, cozy and exactly what was described in the website. It is fully-furnished, and everything was provided – down to the cutlery. 


We were there for more than a week, and some nights we decided to chill and stay in. A comfortable couch would have been great, but instead we only had two chairs. Good thing though, that it only took some creativity and German engineering to figure out how to make it a “chill area”.


We were also excited when the site said we would have own outdoor area - great for sunbathing or eating outside. But to our dismay, the area was too small. Though the open kitchen with the amazing view compensated for it. 


Right outside the apartment building, these stairs will take you to

restaurants and bars by Lago di Como.


The flat is modern and cozy – exactly what was described in the website.

Well, except for the “outdoor area” which was too tiny

and not really inviting for hanging out. Just sharing my thoughts! :) 


Everyday was a happy day - with this beautiful view of Lago di Como.


The View.

Loved the view from our penthouse - my joke as the flat is on the top floor (no lift, so part of your daily exercise is taken cared of).


Especially from the sleeping area, there was no obstruction.

So first thing in the morning, and last thing at night – we would just take in the amazing view. 


Happy Holidays.

We booked the flat with them. And upon confirmation, we received an email detailing a guide for our stay. They were helpful and quickly responded to all our questions.


The Team (Harold, Viviana and especially Brian) made our stay easy and hassle-free. Oh, and I must highlight the quick and painless check-in and check-out. 


Staying in the flat made my first time in Italy more memorable. I really did “live like a local” – even going to the bar in the morning to buy brioche. In Italian!


“Bongiorno Senora! Due brioches, per favore. Grazie mille. Arrivederci.”


Boy, were they all shocked! :)



Happy Holidays

Via IV Novembre, 39
22017 Menaggio, Italy

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