Sometimes, the best travel plan is not to have one at all.


Preparing for the trip, we did research on what we could do and see in Lago di Como. But there was no fixed itinerary because we just wanted to be spontaneous – plan as we go, and not be stuck with a schedule.


One of our random discoveries was this little village called Livo.


Situated in the valley, it looks and feels medieval. A lot of the houses have “rural” characters that give the place an old and charming vibe.


And it exudes a certain sense of “innocence”, maybe because of its simplicity – from the houses, food, people and how they live. It was like I was taken back in time.


Driving through the winding roads - the higher we went, the more beautiful the view was. Upon reaching the top, we immediately saw this old church. And from there, I thought, Lago di Como was at its most beautiful.


We also met an old couple who was very happy to see us – the nono (old man) said that no tourists really go there. So he was thrilled that we were able to discover how beautiful his town is. 


But actually, the pleasure was truly ours.


Lago di Como from Livo – the view was simply breathtaking!


Green day!


On our way to Livo, we saw this beautiful private villa - looks like a fortress. 


Took a quick peek inside.


The view of Lago di Como from the villa.


Daily dose of Italia car porn. Ha!


Stopped by a lido (place where one can swim) to watch kite and windsurfers in action!


With its medieval feel, Livo exudes a sense of innocence and simplicity. 


Felt like I was taken back in time...


...but obviously, I did not get the memo on the medieval dress code! Lol.


So this is how a pizzeria looked like back in the day. :))


The lovely couple we met – the nono told us that when he was young, he would go

there for his morning coffee. Now, he is sharing this ritual with his wife. So sweet!!!


Their story definitely inspired us. So we decided to be all romantic and take a pic! Lol. :))



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