Italia has always been on my wish list. So while preparing for our summer holiday, we had a long list of places to go, sights to see, things to do, and...all the food to eat!


I loooooooove Italian food. To the point that sometimes I think I am an Italian trapped in a Filipino body. Lol. 


Everyday was like a feast of home-cooked meals (am pretty lucky that I am with an awesome cook) and fabulous restaurant creations. When we went to Bellagio, we already knew where to eat - Silvio. A recommendation from the "bible of the best restaurants in Italy" that E's mom lent us. 


The stunning view of Lago di Como + relaxed and posh ambience + great food make Silvio a lovely brunch place for my first weekend in Italia!



The indoor area of the restaurant - perfect setting to share a meal

with family, friends or a date!


The stunning view of the lake and mountains are a treat while enjoying the fabulous meal. 


The outdoor area for a more casual feel. Loved that there are vines hanging!


I love that the Ponzini Family, running the restaurant for five generations now, is championing the local cuisine and produce. The first page of their menu explains this. 


Super yummy fish antipasti! Had to quickly take a photo with

my phone camera before we cleaned the plate. Lol.


The ravioli was simply divine!


Happy tummy = happy kid! :))



Via Carcano 10/12, 22021 Bellagio

+39 031950322

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