Asked where I wanted to go on my first Italian holiday, without a blink, I said Lago di Como.


I have always been in awe of the place. I think it is one of the most beautiful destinations. Or at least that is my story.


Truth is, I just wanted to see George Clooney! Hahaha.


Before settling with Tremezzo as our base, one of the places we checked out was Como. It is popular among tourists because of its location (near Lago di Como and the Alps) and attractions – churches, parks, palaces, villas, gardens, etc.


But we wanted a more quiet and less touristy place, and so Como did not make the cut. 

Though we still went for a quick drive...and of course, had a great time!


 The drive by the coast is always a refreshing sight.


 Taking a peek at an old mansion. All worn out, but still has traces of its beauty.


 Bambino e papa!


 A city in Italy coud never be complete without a church!


 One long winding road! 


A wonderful chaos! 





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