A day spent in one of the grandest villas by Lago di Como could not have been lovelier.

La dolce vita!


Only a cartwheel away from our holiday flat, Villa Carlotta is a beautiful and popular attraction in Tremezzo. It was built in 1690 for the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici, who had the villa until 1745. Evetually, in 1843, it was given to the daughter of Princess Marianna of Prussia - Charlotte. The villa was named after her. 


It does not only house an impressive art collection, including the Mars and Venus statue by Luigi Acquisti. But the villa also has beautiful gardens, fountains and sculptures. Not to mention the amazing view it has of Lago di Como!


Enough of me talking, and let the pictures amaze you...


Villa Carlotta in its full glory.



The art collection, including the Mars + Venus sculpture, is truly remarkable!


I was truly impressed with the interior + architecture. Isn't it obvious?


The villa also houses beautiful gardens. Amazed!


One with nature! Lol. 


The view from Villa Carlotta is truly magical!


Taking in the picturesque view of Lago di Como.


One lovely experience I truly enjoyed. :))



Via Regina, 2

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