Every trip I take, I always send postcards to loved ones. Yes, am pretty old school that way.


Through this I get to share the beautiful images and places am blessed to see.


Can't really send you good ol' postcards. So I hope, you will enjoy and daydream with me through these snapshots!


 A view of the Venezian canal.


 Even Venezia's little nooks breathe character and charm. 


 The beautiful music and ambience create one magical coffee experience at Caffe Florian.


 View from the top - Lago di Como was the most beautiful from Livo.


 The Duomo di Milano. A beautiful work of art.


 Benvenuto in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II!


 Happiness in Bellagio.


 La dolce vita in Bellagio!


View from the Villa Carlotta. 


 Papa e bambino playing beautiful street music!


Getting lost in Italia! 


 Lago di Como. Waiting for George. :))



Italy was magical. 

I have always dreamt of going...but am glad that I waited so I could share the special moment with E.


I was fascinated (with everything!) as expected - breathed in all the beautiful images, took in all the lovely experiences, and attacked every gelato and bowl of pasta (and more!). 


Needless to say...I shall be back, Italia! :)) 




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