For my first "white Christmas", E and I made a shortlist of places to go.


As a snowboard virgin, though Europe has loads of ski resort choices, E wanted my first time to be more special. And not really go for the best in terms of snowboard experience, but to be in a place that is "magical".


And Graechen it is. 


A charming little village in Switzerland, Graechen has evolved from a farming community to a more popular tourist destination. It not only serves as a base for many hiking trips. But as it is next to Zermatt, its ski area also attracts ski + snowboard afficionados. 


We drove from Frankfurt. And what should have just been a 6-hour drive turned into 14 hours! Did not help that we went a day after Christmas, when everyone also had the same idea. Thank God that even in crazy chaos, I chose to look at the beauty of the drive.

I thought this shot was straight out of a postcard!


The drive is long and exhausting. Learn from our mistake - my recommendation is to go one day before everyone else. Do your research and plan in advanced. Though with this drive (28 hours in total, back and forth), it reaffirmed me that E is a keeper. The drive could really test relationships. :)) 






Grachen is truly special. It transports you to a magical place -

you just feel at peace, with no trace of worries. 




 The place is pretty popular for families - as it is friendly for kids.

WIth activities, and areas for them to play. Well, even the kids at heart. :))




 I arranged for a night walk through the forest for me and E. With just torches, we braved the cold...but experienced the village at night. And rewarded ourselves with the best raclette in the area. A special recipe kept for generations from an oma (grandmother). 


 Graechen exudes this innocence and charm that make the village extra special!


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