Being a tropical baby, I've always been scared of the cold. 

Much alone be in a place with a negative degree temperature.


When that happens, I imagine myself all curled up. 

By the fireplace with a free flow of hot choco.


But as I live my life trying to grab every chance I could get to explore and learn, it was a secret dream to conquer my fear of the cold...and snowboard!


So off I went.






The colorful ski outfits beautifully contrasts against the white slope.

Amazed to have spent a week in this paradise. 



A lot of "hidden treasures" could only be reached with snowboards + skiis. Some of the best restaurants are up in the mountain or in the middle of a forest. Unfortunately, E had to skip them because I could not go with him. This definitely is my motivation to get better at snowboarding! 



After a day of skiing and snowboarding, everyone chills and mingles.

After falling on my culo countless times, it is definitely a treat to just relax with

a cup of hot cocoa and whipped cream (spiked with rum!). 


 Finally after God knows how many times I fell on my culo, I managed to graduate from the baby slope. But never underestimate these little ones, they are fearless and amazing!


This tropical baby is officially a snow lover! :)) 



Am grateful that E is awesome and supportive. 

As he loves snowboarding, it comes pretty handy that I have "an interest" to learn. And we could share this experience together.


Never have I thought I could be in an uber cold place. 

Nor stand on a snowboard and make it on a slope (okay a beginner one for now!).

So may this be an inspiration to you, boys and girls. If you want something, just do it!


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