When traveling, I like to live like a local.


And renting an apartment allows me to do that. Not only can I experience the city not totally feeling like a foreigner, but I also get to enjoy having some rituals and routines - like grocery shopping and cooking dinner.


But staying in a hotel is also a treat. Especially when room and cleaning services are just at my convenience.


And for our snowboard holiday, we decided we could not be bothered and checked-in at The Turm Hotel Graecherhof.


This is the view from our room. Our hotel has the most awesome location, right smacked in the center - with restaurants, shops, and the ski resort cable cars next door. And this is very important because walking with the gears could be a pain.


 Loved that we had our own balcony. I could come out anytime - smell the fresh crisp air

that I only get to experience in the Alps, and also take in this magical place!


The view from the other side of our balcony. Seeing the beautiful snow-covered mountains

and pine trees is worth braving the cold.


 E was very sweet to book a room with a hot tub. After a day of being out in the snow, nothing is more relaxing than having a glass of wine or champagne and chilling. 


 Our room is on top with a private balcony.

There are other types as well that could fit different budgets.


 We ended most of our days exploring this charming village. It was extra special since E has been there when he was younger. So it was great to relive his stories and memories.



Our hotel is rated 3-star, and is considered to be one of the best in the area. And just for the location, I would go back. However, for me, that alone does not justify the crazy price tag. 


Unfortunately, we decided on Graechen only in early November. And that was too late - most of the places were booked out. So this year, for sure we will do our research early enough and decide by July.


But the special memories we made in this charming village. And E's plan to give me a magical first white holiday was definitely worth every penny. 



The Turm Hotel Graecherhof.

3925 Grachen, Switzerland

+41 27956 2515



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