Five nights in paradise will never be enough.


How could it be when Bali is bursting of things to do, resturants to feast in, places to discover, shops to raid and beautiful villas to just have lazy days? But we tried, and I honestly think we did an awesome job. 


When E asked me start of this year whether we should do Bali with friends or have a romantic getaway for my birthday, I must say that I was in a dilemma.


For like an hour. :))


Ultimately, it was not difficult for me to choose Bali because I knew that we were in for a great time with a wonderful crew. And so off we went to one of our most fun holidays. Ever.


 After a 2.5-hour direct flight from Singapore. This is what awaits us. Since we were a big group,

we rented out the whole property of six villas. More details later. 


 E and I managed to have some alone time. And went for a romantic dinner at the

Sardine Restaurant in Seminyak. Amidst the rice paddies, it was perfect.

Oh and the food was superb!




Was too happy to find this hidden spot. It was great to get away from the usual

touristy and crowded side of Bali 



 La nina en la playa!

The cutest little girl in this planet having fun in her solitude. 


 Discovered that Bali is a haven for sustainable bamboo creations. Beautiful!


 Selamat pagi! Welcome to John Hardy. 

This breathtaking work of art totally deserves a post. I was in awe!


The best crew. Ever.

Let's do this! :))





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