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PUNOT Restaurant is a passion project that I started with my brother, Chef Tope in 2014. It is a testament that hard work pays off, passion is a game-changer, and dreams do come true.


We wanted to celebrate the modern flavors of Iloilo by infusing creative flavors to traditional dishes and introducing creations inspired by other countries. We always have fun in the kitchen, and try to play with different tastes and fusions. And so we are very grateful that the Ilonggos welcomed this fresh concept, and in no time, we started to have a strong following.


Situated at the Riverwalk Esplanade, by the Iloilo River, it is the perfect spot to breathe in the beauty of the city. While enjoying great food, of course. When I am home, it is easy to track me - as I would spend as much time indulging in my favorites: Sisig Tacos (a Mexican take on the traditional "pulutan"), Lumpia Bites (a fresh take on Lumpia Shanghai) and Fresh Lumpia (everything is home-made, including the peanut sauce), Lechon Belly (our own take on the popular Italian Porchetta), Callos ni Elving (a Spanish favorite made with local produce), Estancia Chowder (our own take on the traditional Clam Chowder), Pomelo Balingon (a local interpretation of the loved Thai salad), Laswa (added a Japanese touch with the Shrimp Tempura), Corned Beef Kansi (a fresh combination of tastes), Seafood ala Punot (a trio of seafood with special lemon sauce), Crispy Managat sa Gata (a fresh take on the popular local fish), Kare Kare Seafood (our own fishy interpretation), Crispy Kare-Kare (fusing two best-sellers: Crispy Pata and Kare-Kare), Patotim (with mashed Kalabasa), and Paella Negra (using the beloved Iloilo seafood).


The list could go on, especially since Chef Tope also whips up new creations each week for the house specials. Just thinking about it makes me want to jump on a plane and endure a 20-hour journey just to taste again these yummy PUNOT dishes! NAMIT GID (very delicious)!




Punot. Flavors of Modern Iloilo.

Riverside Boardwalk

Iloilo City, Philippines

+63 33 3209893




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