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It was love at first bite for me.

Sardegna is in abundance of agriturismi tucked away in lalaland. And Saltara was just that.


We drove for half an hour from our holiday home in Santa Teresa into the middle of nowhere (at least for me!). But E was pretty happy that we were driving through little rough roads because apparently, it is a sign that great food awaits us.


And true enough, the Italian knew what he was talking about.


The food was super - one thing I love about being in an agriturismo is how unpretentious the dishes are. Just really good food using local fresh produce.


The Porceddu Sardo (roasted pork of Sardegna) was especially mouthwatering. Must be the organic pig (raised in their own farm) which was roasted to perfection (not too greasy and fatty).


The servings were also very generous. And the ambience - relaxed and laidback farm vibe - just made everything perfect. Though it was a beautiful place for a date, E and I were on a eat! And in Italy, it is a serious business with a feast of antipasti, primi, secondi and dolci. 


So I came prepared, wearing a loose dress. While the couple next to us left just after the antipasti (must be the girl's sexy tight dress!).


Needless to say, for E and I, it was mission accomplished!




Agriturismo Saltara.

Localita Saltara, Santa Teresa Gallura

Sardinia, Italy

+39 0789 755597



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