With all the great restaurants, we did have a hard time choosing where to have our last dinner in Bali.


But the 8-hour Wood Fired Suckling Pig Asado sealed the deal. So Barbacoa it was.


And hands down, it was one of the best dining experiences we’ve had in the island. Its warm vibe and rustic dishes echo its Latin American influence. Housed in a large warehouse with high ceilings, mosaic tiled floors, wood, and cool décor, Barbacoa offers a very relaxed dining experience.


I was impressed from the moment I walked in and saw the pig roasting away in a beautiful open pit fire. I was home. 


With rustic décor and interior, Barbacoa exudes a warm vibe

like its Latin American inspiration.


Beautiful Babi Guling (roasted pork for Balinese) roasting away. 


We were a big group and opted for a pre-ordered menu. The food, hands down, were the star of the night. From the grilled corn, Cuban Pulled Pork Slider,

burnt carrots to the 8-Hour Wood Fired Suckling Pig Asado,

everything was sumptuous and beautifully executed.


Happy folks. Hungry tummies.  We wanted some privacy so we opted to be upstairs…


…overlooking the other happy folks!


Every meal needs a closure, and mine is with this yummy Crema Catalana.

Good night!




Jalan Petitenget 14,

Kerobokan Bali, Indonesia

+62 8123 9999 825



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