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Before traveling, I always make sure to research on where to eat. And check for "local secrets".

Because the last thing I want is to be stuck in a tourist trap.


Ambelonas in Corfu was one of those "gems" I found online that right away captured my eye.

And my stomach. As it prides itself for serving local Corfiot cuisine.


Located near Corfu Town, the place is a breath of fresh air from the crazy chaos of the city.

Tucked on a hill, the estate is in the midst of a vineyard and the natural wild vegetation that produce what they serve.


As we had to make an emergency escape from the craziness of Corfu Town, we arrived almost one hour before they opened.

But everyone was so nice, and accommodated us as we basked under the sun, walking around the property.

There is also a store that sells local products - preserves, wine, etc - so we went on a shopping spree to kill time.


They told us that the kitchen was still busy cooking, and that the menu was not even printed.

We could not complain, because that is a fantastic sign that we were in for a big treat.

And boy were we!


We loved each of the local dishes we had - with fresh produce from the estate.

Along with the wine made from grapes that they grow.

How wonderful it is to know and see where my food and wine come from.


Definitely, a must-try when visiting the island.

I also strongly reserving beforehand, as it could get packed.

And as it is an experience to be eating here, there is no way guests would leave after 30 minutes to free up a table for you.



Ambelonas Corfu.

Karoumpatika, 49100 Corfu


+30 6932 158888



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