My obsession with Coco Chia is always a healthy excuse to load up on fruits.

The combination of passion fruit and kiwi is a refreshing combination.

Adding goji berries gives it a healthy kick.


This just reminds me of summer.

Even when it is freezing cold outside!


What you need...

5 tablespoons Chia Seeds

Coconut Milk (depends on the texture that you want - but should be more than the chia)


Passion Fruit


Goji Berries


What to do...

Soak the Chia in the coconut milk overnight in a tight container.

The seeds turn absorb the milk, and turn into like tapioca pearls.


If you find it too dry, you may still add more milk.
Depends on the taste and texture that you want.


Top with the fruits and goji berries.


Serves 1.





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