There are places that capture your heart right away.

And Maldives definitely tops my list.


It has always been a must-do, being one of the most picturesque and sublime destinations.

And I daydreamed of saving it for the most special romantic trip.


But as my life is all about grabbing every chance to explore the world, how could I say no when my best friend spontaneously asked me to go to Maldives for my birthday?


Deo and I spent a couple of days in Velassaru.

It was perfect bliss. I totally switched off, and reveled in every moment on this beautiful island.


We started our mornings early indulging in the oasis of serenity - watching the sun rise outside our villa, with no other soul in sight.

And proceed to balance it out by chomping away at breakfast.

We would then spend the rest of our day enjoying the crystal clear waters, exploring the island, basking in the sun and just losing track of time.


Oh what a sweet sweet life!


Up to now, the colors of Maldives are still vivid - the palm trees, sapphire waters, white sand.

The ocean scents still linger.

And the island memories are forever etched in my mind.




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