It has been a year since E and I took the plunge.

And I officially became Mrs. Ferri.


How to celebrate it was a no-brainer - we just wanted to travel together.

And after zoning in on Italy, we finally decided on Puglia and the Amalfi (check out the next post). 


But five nights in paradise that is Puglia will never be enough.

The place boasts not only of beautiful sights but also of great food and fresh produce (it applies for the whole country though!).

We are of course, in the land most famous for crazy good bread.


When we were not exploring Alberobello (a UNESCO World Heritage site) for its beautiful trulli (white-washed cone-roofed houses), we were hunting for the best-tasting focaccia, getting enchanted by the "white city" that is Ostuni, chilling on our rooftop terrace in the middle of Polignano a Mare with our local flavored gelati, in awe of the exaggerated miles and miles of olive trees, tracking the best restaurants (especially those that are only in the know among the locals), spending the day in a lovely Masseria, wandering around Lecce, enjoying a simple lovely seafood meal in a fishing town, or learning how to make orecchiette (and other local treats) from two lovely nonne.


Puglia is our new happy place.

Reminiscing this trip always brings big smiles and wonderful memories.

And needless to say, we will be back - as there are more to discover, experience and eat!




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