Our last day in Bali was saved for a trip to Ubud.

And the bamboo houses built by John Hardy.


I was stunned when I entered The Green School, and was greeted by the grand bamboo structure.

It was beautiful and sustainable!


Everything in the school (a private and international school near Ubud) was constructed primarily from renewable resources like traditional mud walls, local grass and bamboo. And it is no surprise that its ecologically-sustainable design has been gaining international recognition.


The John Hardy Ubud Workshop is set among 400 acres of lush rice paddies and farms.

It was amazing to see all the intricate details and how they were consistent with the design all throughout the property -

from the pieces of jewelry encased in bamboos to the powder room!


Coming from The Philippines, natural structures are nothing new to me.

But having bamboo structures on a large scale are just impressive.

I was moved by the vision and the enormous passion for this project.

Definitely, a testament to the Balinese craft traditions, creativity and potential.



The Green School.


John Hardy Workshop - Indonesia.



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