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When I lived in Singapore for almost seven years, it was like being in Disneyland. Of food.


The choices are just overwhelming - from inexpensive food hawkers to the fanciest possible dining experience.

For me, nothing compares to the little red dot when it comes to being a food haven.


It also opened up my palate to the bursting flavors of different cultures.

And pushed me to always get out of my comfort zone and be on culinary adventures.

But also made me appreciate local food more.


So when I went to visit after having left a year ago, I had a packed "what to eat" list.

And the National Kitchen by Violet Oon topped it.


Serving local Nyonya or Peranakan food.

This cuisine originated from descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Indonesia and Singapore.

With Violet Oon - the "grand dame of Singaporean cooking" - working her magic.


It was a treat to have my good ol' Rojak (sour mango, cucumber, pineapple, guava, etc tossed in a sweet, sour and (mildly) spicy sauce) and Beef Rendang (with spice-filled creamy coconut sauce) in the iconic City Hall which is now home to the National Gallery. Everything that we had was so good - fused with the perfect spices, packed with colorful flavors, and a local punch that was a clear reminder, I was back in Asia!


The place has this old school grand vibe - dark wood, beautiful tiles, elaborated chandeliers and all that jazz. I must say, everything was top-notch from the place, atmosphere, food and service. Oh yes, I must commend the service as our waiter was the best - not only did he give us great recommendations, but we also learned more about Peranakan food and the restaurant history. Love it when there's added value from the service staff - makes the dining experience feels more than just a mere transaction.


It was definitely a meal to remember, and one I would gladly have again next time I am in town!





National Kitchen by Violet Oon.

#02-01 National Gallery


+65 9834 9935


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