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Popo is what the Singaporeans call their grandmothers (in Mandarin).
So one can already expect what PÒ serves - classic dishes that these Popo's lovingly prepare for their families all these years.


When I visited my second home last May, I was craving for local food.

Of course, the choices in Singapore are overwhelming - with the number of hawker centers and restaurants in the city, my one week stay would not have been enough. But aside from my usual places, I was also on the lookout for something fresh and creative.


And that led me to discover PÒ.


It is located at the newly restored The Warehouse Hotel, nestled on the bank of Robertson Quay.

My friend and lunch date Anuar explained that this heritage property (built in 1895) actually used to be a popular disco before The Lo & Behold Group - also behind some of the local institutions like Loof, The White Rabbit, Tanjong Beach Club and Overeasy among others - transformed it into the beautiful boutique hotel it is today.


I love the idea that it also houses a restaurant that not only honors Singaporean food, but also pays homage to the older generation.

The people behind PÒ has done a great job elevating the local favorites into something modern.

Yet, staying true to its flavors - only refined with premium ingredients.


Like my two favorites, the Charcoal-Grilled Iberico Satay and Kurobuta Char Siew.
Everything just melted in my mouth - each bite bursting with flavors that were a clear reminder, I was back in Singapore!


Their signature dish, of course, is Popiah (wrap-it-yourself). 

It is a type of fresh spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables and more, that is popular not only in Singapore but also in countries like Taiwan and Malaysia. Usually the family would have their own recipe and take on this.


Unfortunately, I have a really bad crustacean allergy, and our waiter confirmed it had some shrimp.

With no medicine on hand, and not wanting to end up in the ER, I had to give it a miss.

And instead, I just ordered the Ice Cream Popiah for dessert.


It was my first time to have it, and it's official - I am now a fan.

The peanut candy and cilantro wonderfully fused with the flavors of local pineapple, taro and peanut gelato.

I also got to wrap it with popiah skin, handmade fresh daily by the famous Kway Guan Huat that follows traditions for generations.


And that was the perfect way to end my meal!




The Warehouse Hotel

320 Havelock Road

Robertson Quay


+65 6828 0007




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