One good habit that I've picked up since moving to Europe is to appreciate fresh produce more.

This is a far cry from how I was - especially with my crazy work schedule, my diet was mostly about preserved and junk food. Thus, when my mom visited, she was shocked to see that I was voluntarily eating and (even) cooking vegetables.


Of course, it is a big help being married to an Italian who is a big fan of using only fresh ingredients.

And I must say, I feel so much better with this new lifestyle.

Though I should highlight that I am not a hardcore health freak. I still enjoy my junk and unhealthy food breaks!


But if I can, I would choose to eat healthy.

And I am always trying quick and easy recipes, like these pancakes.


They're super yummy, pretty healthy (no flour, no sugar, no dairy) and hassle-free to make.

Perfect for brunch, post-workout treats or even snacks for the kiddos - have already shared with some mommy friends, and they're a hit!


What you need...

6 tablespoons Oats

1 Banana

2 Eggs


Coconut Oil


Coconut Nectar



What to do...

In a food processor, mix the oats, banana and eggs.


Oil the pan.

Form mini pancakes (I prefer this size so they're easier to manage).


Drizzle with coconut nectar.

And top with berries (or any fruits that you fancy).


Serves 1-2.



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