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A trip to Toscana is never complete without having THE Bistecca Fiorentina.

And we usually go to Firenze for a feast.


There is a hole in the wall where E's dad used to bring him when he was a kid.

And it is just beautiful to continue this tradition even 30 years later.


But on our last visit, we decided to open up ourselves for something new.

We were with local friends and they suggested Trattoria Dei 13 Gobbi.


On our way, I already had a good feeling because we were walking away from the crowds and noise. As we walked into a little alley, that could only mean that this is not some touristy area, I thought to myself.


And true enough, as we entered the restaurant, I only heard Italian - all loud and clearly enjoying their lunch. Music to my ears. And a good sign that we were in for a special treat. The good olive oil (freshly-pressed) we also had on our table was another great sign - that means that the restaurant pays attention to every detail (including the oil for customers to use!).


The restaurant feels cozy and homey even if it was packed (with people still waiting outside).

It had a rustic feel with its style and decor - wooden chairs, wine crates-lined walls, terracotta floors. Very Tuscan.


We ordered the Bistecca Fiorentina, of course. With sides of veggies, potatoes and beans.

On its own, I seriously thought it was more than enough.

But because we were in Italy, there's got to be a Primo - a big bowl of Rigatoni for me.

I seriously think I ate for a week with that lunch!


But it was just so good, and there was no way we could not finish that glorious Fiorentina!

No wonder, this is a hit for the locals.


And now, I am sharing that little secret with you!

Molto buono!




Via del Porcellana, 9R

50123 Firenze


+39 0552 84015



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